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Our glass is full of lemons.....

Who are we:

We are two girls who met when we were 12 years old. We are truly life long sisters by choice.  We have both been through inconceivable tragedy and have chosen to "flip the script" and make life about supporting each other, finding the silver linings and embracing all the funnies.

We will have guests occasionally, woh are like minded in self deprecation, embracing our good and our poor life choices with hilarity. We are real and raw and nothing is off the table for a laugh or good conversation. We are subject to have no filter and may be cocktailing whilst podcasting. Our goal is to share our stories, laughs and make connections. Tune in and stay awhile.

Christine, 40 something- non- profit founder of The WhyNotDevin Foundation to End DIPG, mom of 4 boys- Colin, Owen, Brenden, and Devin.Founder of Meant to Bee ME. Marathoner, avid skier, Uber driver to sports. Determined to rise and shine every day. Makes up song lyrics and verbiage in general conversation.

Jenn, 40 something- Registered Nurse, wife to Brian, mom to Molly, founder of poor life choices and unfortunate events resulting in funny stories and determination to find joy. Runner, skier. Marathoner. Befriends the elderly and eccentric in odd places. Will do mostly anything for a laugh.

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